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"The material’s out there, a calm lake waiting for us to dive in." – Beverly Lowry "I have not looked at a newspaper in twenty years; if one is brought into the room, I flee. This is not because I am indifferent but because one cannot follow every road."  – Jean Cocteau

Take Notes

Take Notes: It’s Your Life If going to Paris is out of the question, let alone going into a quiet room all by yourself to write, and you’re thinking that you have nothing to write about anyway because you’re stuck at home, and that life is car pools and toddlers dropping trails of Cherrios around…


I’m writing this in Twin Bridges, Montana. It’s 32 degrees outside and I’m 90 miles away from the big city, Bozeman. This morning I’ve been reading a book of poems, Winter Morning Walks: One Hundred Postcards to Jim Harrison by Ted Kooser. Each poem is about a morning walk he takes from November 9th to March 20th. The day’s date becomes the title of the poem … (click on the title to be taken to the full post)

courage and community

Who is your community? The more I teach, the more I realize how important community is for writers. The world at large will not support your writing and doesn’t care if you ever get a word down on paper. Your writing will make your family and friends nervous and anxious because they’re afraid you’re going to spill the beans and expose their life. And then they’re afraid you won’t, that they’re not interesting enough for you to write about, you don’t care enough about them. It’s a non-win situation. It’s best to not even talk about your writing to your family. And for God’s sake, don’t let them read it.