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photo by Axel Abercrombie Frame

Welcome to the new expanded version of my website, now including my blog,”WritingTime”. ( I also have a cooking blog, wwwTheIntimidatedCook.com – it’s for people who love to have their friends over but never know what to cook. Lots of very easy recipes that can be fixed ahead of time. Please come visit.)

My next course at UCLA Extension will be “Writing Out The Storm”, beginning September 29th, 2015. I’ll also be teaching “Courage & Craft” at the Writer’s Studio for four days in February and “Kicking in the Wall” in the winter quarter.

I do private writing retreats for small groups of twelve or less in Lake Arrowhead at the Conference Center; please contact me if you’d like more information.  My two retreats this fall are full but there’s a waiting list, and another retreat coming up in the spring.


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