Kicking In The Wall

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 My latest book, KICKING IN THE WALL, was published by New World Library in May 2013.  Full of writing quotes to inspire you and 365 writing exercises, it’s for writers just starting out as well as for working writers who feel stuck and want to plunge into new material.  Also included is what sixteen of my students wrote in response to some of the exercises.

An excerpt from a review in the New York Journal of Books and written by Helen Gallagher:

If anyone knows how to help writers achieve their goals, Ms. Abercrombie has it all figured out. In Kicking in the Wall you’ll find a way to break through your own wall with daily practice and exercises.

What makes this book different? Ms. Abercrombie writes with an infectious energy that will draw you in to her motivation. The 365 prompts and exercises are mostly practical and very direct. . . . No staring at the sky in this book, but hundreds of great prompts to make you think, such as:

“Write about something that you don’t want to remember but don’t want to forget.”

“Write about a time you couldn’t see. Literally or figuratively.”

Most surprisingly, Ms. Abercrombie suggests your success will grow with as little as five minutes a day spent on the exercises.Kicking in the Wall is geared to writers who want to move ahead but don’t know where to start. Other writers who doubt the direction their work is taking will be motivated and energized by the tone of the book.


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