CHERISHED Photographs

Bookstore Appearances

Writers and the Animals They Loved

Billy Mernit and Molly









Joe Morgenstern and Mr. Fluff, the cherished dog his parents enlisted in the army.

Jackie Winspear and her beloved dog Sally.


May-lee Chai and Red her cherished pig.






Cherished Valentine (1991-2008) and Dr. Robert Goldman  circa 1992










Dr. Goldman with Louis, Zîna, Mr.Senior, and Craig  2011







Sonia Levitin and her cherished Buddy






Jenny Rough with her dog Callie (not her cherished virtual cat, Icy.)








Linzi Glass and some of her rescue dogs.







Monica Holloway’s party girl, Hallie dressed for a Halloween party.








Barbara’s cat Charlotte






Melissa Cistaro’s cat Calico staring into the light.










You’re invited to leave stories about your own animals in the Comment section.


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  1. Deirdra Baldwin
    May 25, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    I appreciated your comment about “pimping a book”–that was refreshing. I have a few rescued dogs myself, and I’m not really a person who likes them. But they seem to like me. Regards, Weasel, Willie, Dirty Bear, Grifter, Lou-Lou, and Bob.

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